Thursday, April 22, 2010

In honor of Green Day... I mean, Earth Day, I present my list of First World Problems

  • I broke the thumbnail on my right hand - this is the nail I use when peeling citrus fruit, so now it takes me forever if I want to eat an orange
  • I feel like I'm out of sync with everybody and everything lately
  • I have four or five unexplained cuts on my hands (am I secretly an angsty teenager?)
  • I've got some allergy thing going on that's making me have allergic reactions to everything - seriously, I wake up itchy and red with blotchy raspberry skin and just about everything I eat makes my lips swell up to porn-esque proportions. (which, in addition to the whole pms thing has me feeling super-duper cute! [of course, by "super-duper cute" I mean [like a big sack of pajama-clad crap])
  • I'm almost out of coffee
  • my toes are not cute
  • For the first time in a long time, I've been feeling marginally creative, but it's been windy and icky outside so I haven't been able to go hiking or photographing
  • It took me several minutes today to realize that I was having trouble seeing this morning because I had forgotten to put in my contacts (it should be noted that my eyes aren't just a little bit bad, they're so bad I just about qualify for a german shepherd and a white cane. And I've worn corrective lenses, in one form or another, since 3rd grade)
  • I'm so stubborn that seeing all the public service announcements with smug celebrities telling me to recycle, eat organically and reduce my carbon footprint makes me want to throw away a bunch of cardboard and electronics, microwave a whole bunch of styrofoam and cover someone's electric car with lead-based paint.
  • my feet are cold right now, but I don't want to go to the trouble of finding a pair of socks to put on
  • I ended that last bullet point with a preposition and I hate that

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