Thursday, April 21, 2005

My crotch is still here, just as you remembered it.

so - I got "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" on DVD for my birthday and it's been sitting, since then, unopened, in my DVD cabinet because I never watch DVDs that I own, but it's been on cable all this week and every day this week, I've watched it at least once a day - I like it more every time I watch it and it's not just because it makes me want to dye my hair blue - I think it's a really cool concept - but if it were a reality, no way in hell would I ever consider it - I'm not saying that every relationship I've ever had has been sunshine, rainbows and unicorns from beginning to end, but every minute of every relationship I've had, good, bad or indifferent adds up to me, you know?

Sure, there were the bad guys (ie: Abusive Matt who told me that he wasn't sure if he wanted kids with me because "you already kind of have a problem controlling your weight" and a pregnancy wouldn't help that at all, would it?) but I wasn't always the good guy... girl... whatever (ie: the super hot, super sweet boy I broke up with so I could sleep with his not-as-hot best friend - who, it should be noted, dumped my ass about 14 minutes later)

But there were also really great guys and really great moments - in every relationship there are moments - platinum moments - moments where the whole world makes sense, even if it's just for a second - a collection of those moments can make your life worthwhile - like the first time that person calls you, or that torturous moment before that first kiss - that moment before anything happens, that moment that is so filled with possibilities, or the first time they hold your hand...

You know - I swear I was going somewhere with this post, but I can't seem to remember where... basically - the life lesson of the day, from me to you, is that regrets are a waste of time - suck on that for a while

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  • Oooooh, send the DVD to me then! I want to buy but have been putting it off because I'm saving for school. You help finance my edu-muh-ca-shun if you mail it to me. I will send you a nice birthday card to replace it.

    But, yes, I do love that movie. The concept - in some ways, I think the creators want you to realize what you realized. That this would be a very BAD thing if it were possible. And, you know how we all feel terrible after a breakup, and want to forget it, and move on. It's something we would do impulsively. And, we would regret it.

    Spitting to dab down a streak of blue hair

    By Blogger Maverick, at 11:39 PM  

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