Monday, March 06, 2006

You know what's cool about living in the South?

I mean, other than the soul-crushing humidity and abundance of fried food... The states are small enough that a decent roadtrip to another state doesn't take a week.

See - I was born in Southern California - not that anyone would want to vacation outside of that lovely area, but if you wanted to, it's at least a 4 hours drive to get anywhere* - and that's an ugly drive through the desert - uglier still if you don't have cruise control.

And then I lived in Seattle for a while and if you wanted to go anywhere - Oregon's closest** and that's at least 4 hours.

And then I lived in Arizona, which, for those of you who are bad with geography, is in the middle of a freaking desert and you could drive for a year and still not be anywhere else - seriously, where are you going to go? New Mexico? Uh... why?

But now that I live in lovely Savannah, GA, we're about 20 minutes away from South Carolina - and actually less than 2 hours away from Charleston, South Carolina - which is where we went this weekend - it's a lovely little town, kind of like Savannah will be in about 40 million years when the gentrification is complete (read: you can enter the historic areas without a bulletproof vest) - and we ate dinner at this restaurant where I tried collard greens (if you've never tried them... don't - they taste like wilted green wallpaper soaked in bleh) and I had a piece of fried chicken so big that I couldn't identify from which part of the chicken it came (it was so yummy that I didn't care).

I have some pictures from the trip, but I was too lazy to take them off the computer.

And if you were looking for a point or a punchline... sorry, I got nothin'... The moral of this story, though, is that XM Radio is the best thing in the world for long car rides.

oh, and homemade peach cider is just about the most delicious thing ever.

* and by "anywhere" I mean "Vegas" - who wants to go anywhere else?

** Technically, Canada's only about 2 hours from there, but, really, who wants to go to Canada***

*** I kid (sort of)

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  • Southern California wants to be Western New York.

    By Blogger Pam, at 11:33 AM  

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