Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Backstory: on Monday evening at derby practice, we were practicing our ass falls and I most likely busted my ass-bone again (right when the original one was almost healed) and I've been hobbling around for a couple of days in pretty obvious pain.

Today: Doctorboss decided to have me move a bookcase from the front of the office to the back and move a lateral file cabinet from the back to the front - by myself. And tomorrow, I have to tape off the back office and the bathroom because we didn't finish painting last Friday and the doctor's wife will be painting this weekend (if nothing else, I guess, he got the hint that I wasn't going to be doing any further painting)

But on the upside, he's going out of town tonight and won't be back until next Thursday (convenient how he's always otherwise occupied when painting needs to be done, no?). And since he was getting ready to leave town, he left the office early today. I hung out for about an hour to get a massage from the masseuse who works there (and I STILL got home earlier than I usually do).

The point I wanted to make, though, is this:

After I got home, I flipped on the Maury Povich show to see one of my favorite topics "I've got a secret: I slept with 7 other guys and the baby might not be yours" (or something of the like). I'm endlessly delighted and amused by the guests who agree to be on the show to have their signigicant others reveal a "shocking secret" - have these people never watched talk shows before? Is the "shocking secret" ever anything good? Is it ever anything like "I bought you a puppy for your birthday!" or "I love your new haircut!"? No, not once has it ever been that - it's always "I had a threesome with your mom and brother" or "I'm actually a man" - why don't these people learn?

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