Friday, April 28, 2006

Halfway through my 9 hour day of painting, the sporty girl who was helping me called a couple of painting companies to ask for quotes. The cheapest quote we got was $1875.00. Even deducting money for the multiple paint splotches on the carpet and ceiling (most of which were accidental... most), and the maybe $25 he spent on supplies at Wal*Mart, Doctorboss saved himself well over a thousand dollars, simply by employing the Southern tradition of indentured servitude (and he's not even from around here).

And then he had the cojones to ask if I wanted to "get [my] overtime hours for tomorrow" when I let him know that two of the walls would require at least one more (3 hour) coat to fully cover the blue walls with the cream color he chose (he opted against the primer that I had suggested).

"Absolutely not," I replied immediately, offering no response as to why I wasn't going to waste my Saturday sucking up more paint fumes.

He responded with "oooookay," in that parental-disappointed tone he uses so frequently and then he tells me that we need to "sit down and have a little pow wow on Monday morning"

I can only assume that his "pow wow" has something to do with the fact that I was very vocal about the girl I was painting with and I being anally raped without the benefit of lubrication* on this job. I've never actually quit a job on the spot, but I have a feeling that this could be my first - considering I'm barely 2 weeks into this job and I'm practically homocidal, I don't think I'll miss it too much.


In other news (literally), anyone in the 912 area code should consider picking up the morning newspaper tomorrow as there will be an article about the derby, the article for which I was interviewed - I'm kind of aflutter about it.

* a little too graphic?

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