Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So - I had to drive to the far, far away office today (and Friday, too) and because it's about 90 counties away (okay, 1, but it's still far) I had to stop and get gas and, while I was pumping gas, I happened to glance at the dirty squeegee bucket, on which was prominently displayed a sign saying "USE SQUEEGEE AT YOUR OWN RISK"... um... why? Is the squeegee loaded? Does it have a razor wire handle? Is it sticky? Does it have herpes?

Other instances when I wished I had a camera so I could show everyone the backwoods place where I had to work today:

  • the recruitment sign for "Sons of Confederate Veterans"
  • The cinder block bar with "FREE BEER TOMORROW" hand-painted several times across the front

And tonight? More derby -

and speaking of le derby, mark your calendars because May 6, we're having a promo at some bar and the last weekend of September, we're having our first bout (!) - so you should come to one or both of these events because the baby Jesus wants you to - he told me.

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