Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm a little disappointed in myself

I've had an entire week off of work and I haven't been a total slacker - in fact, I've skated every single day - what's that about? Since when did I become one of those "active" people?

But today? There shall be no physical activity. While most of the rest of the planet is at work, I shall be lounging on the beach and working on a slightly pink tint to my lily white epidermis.


And - can someone please explain to me why anyone felt it necessary to review "Scary Movie 4"? For some reason, I'm thinking people who are planning on seeing it, aren't the people who base their movie viewing habits on reviews. I'm thinking these are the type of people who "wooooooo!" excessively, use the word "party" as a verb and will go see any movie with the promise of boobage.

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