Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Woukd you believe it's another Wednesday night and I have another bag of frozen peas down my pants?

Okay, that's not entirely true - it's actually the same bag of peas as last week.


And four notes:

While watching "The Daily Show" tonight, I realized that one of my new bosses looks exactly like Rob Corddry - like EXACTLY - I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over that .


It takes a hardcore roller girl to comes to practice drunk - I'm just sayin' (it wasn't me)


remember how, in my last post (I'm not linking it, scroll down, you lazy sod) I said that I could go to work wearing only a thin film of strawberry jam? Yeah - with timing that you only see in the movies, I received a box of homemade strawberry preserves from Beans. How completely, cosmically random is that? And it's SO yummy!


If anyone who is either in Savannah, or planning on being in Savannah this weekend wants to drive to Atlanta with me and the derby chicks to see the Atlanta derby, let me know - it's going to be a par-tay

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