Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I got something this morning that will have me smiling all day long.

Not that, you perverts

I got a start date for the new job (april 17)

Apparently, the background check is still in progress because the state of Arizona is tres lame, but they like me so much they don't want to wait. They actually said I could start today (and if I didn't have some cds and other personal effects at my desk at work, I would have taken them up on it)

Now is the hard part - telling the psychotic Bossman that I'm quitting - I know, I know - what's the worst he can do? Fire me? But I still hate confrontation - and he happens to be in a good mood today.

I had to go into his office to chance the tape on his adding machine* and I didn't say anything because he was in the middle of a conference call. He looks over at me and says "Fine, and you?"**

"I'm fan-freaking-tastic," I answer.

"Well, if you don't get that project finished, I'm gonna fan-freaking-tastic all over yer behind."

"Promise?" I ask, completing my task and sashaying*** out of his office.

* because, apparently, his arms are painted on?

** hands down, THE most annoying morning greeting.

*** you can tell I'm in a good mood because I usually don't sashay

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