Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's when the ass bone connects to the... floor

did you know that you can fall down and hit your ass bone so hard that you could actually feel nauseous?

And then it will hurt HURT to skate and you could announce loudly to anyone who is listening that "My ass hurts!" and then get snippy with the coach when he asks whether you mean that your wrist hurts (You could give him a dirty look and inform him that you're pretty sure you can tell your ass from your wrist)

And then it will hurt HURT to walk

And then it will hurt HURT even more to drive

And then you will get home and, even before you've stripped your sweaty workout clothes off, wrap a bag of frozen peas in a kitchen towel and stick it down your pants in a most unladylike manner.

And it will feel like the best feeling in the world.

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  • Having an odd moment of deja-vu here, because while I would not in a million YEARS have the guts for roller-derby, the only time I ever cracked my tailbone (literally) was a roller-skating accident. Please do not tell anyone that the roller-skating was being done in an empty swimming pool, because that would make me look STUPID.

    By Blogger Belinda, at 2:51 PM  

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