Wednesday, March 29, 2006

tell me if this seems weird -

so... in my seemingly endless quest for a new job, I've pretty much been sending out resumes to anywhere and everywhere - last night, around 7:30, I got a call from one of the places I'd resume-ed. And then he asks me to come in for an interview on Saturday.

Here's what I think is wrong with this picture:

What kind of reputable business calls jobseekers at their homes at 7:30 at night? (my husband pointed out that they were probably busy *working* during the day and at night was the best time to call. Additionally, I guess that's better than leaving a hundred voicemails on home answering machines during the day - but still kind of creepy)

What kind of reputable business (it's a doctor's office, I think) asks people to come in for interviews on Saturday mornings? (Yes, it's more convenient for me to not have to come up with another lie and take more time from this job, but it's just sort of coming together like one of those stories that ends "and she was never seen alive again" where everyone shakes their heads and says "why would you go to a job interview on a Saturday morning in a strip mall)

weird or no?

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