Saturday, March 25, 2006


If you're a girl and you go into a hardware store and the only item you purchase is a pair of industrial kneepads, you will get strange looks.

I'm just sayin'.

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  • Also? If you are a soapmaker, and you go into, say, Lowe's, and buy 5 cases of Red Devil Lye? You WILL be treated as though you are running a meth lab.

    By Blogger Belinda, at 5:36 PM  

  • But do you deserve the looks? I mean, really?

    By Blogger Jay, at 10:24 PM  

  • This made me laugh out loud!

    By Blogger ~TVS, at 8:21 PM  

  • That explains a lot.

    Diggin the look, sheesh I leave for a year or so and you change everything. I 'spose you are wearing new underwear now too? Ya little fooker. ;-)

    By Blogger is it just me?, at 4:56 AM  

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