Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anyone want to guess how many times I fell last night?

No, really - anyone - take a guess...

Remember how after the last practice I said that it was the longest hour of my life but that I kind of felt like a roller chick? Well, I lied about that last part - I didn't feel like a roller chick at all - I felt like an ungainly moose on skates - BUT - after another hour long practice (the second longest hour of my life) I feel more like a roller chick - and it was almost fun.

And, because Savannah's pretty much the smallest town on the planet, the small town team connection I have is that the receptionist of the tattoo parlor where I got my last tattoo. And she's kind of new, too, so we bonded on that.

And, after practice, I couldn't feel my thighs... this morning, unfortunately, I can feel them only too much. On the upside, after a couple more weeks of this, I'm going to be able to open pickle jars with my thighs... because... what a great ice breaker at parties, no?

And, in case anyone's interested, the team website is here - but I'm not anywhere on it yet.

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