Friday, March 24, 2006

Why is it only the cast of the "Real World" who gets to "stop being polite and start getting real"?


Why can't we just be honest on job interviews?

"No, I'm not passionate about customer service or menial office tasks, who really is? I'm only applying for this job because I never went to college and my writing career has yet to pay off, but I'll show up on time every day and be relatively productive and I'll probably even bake cookies every once in a while. And I'm kind of goofy, so you'll find yourself laughing at me on a pretty regular basis. Oh, and if you treat me halfway decently, I'll most likely be too lazy to look for another job. So, what do you say, can I start next week?"

doesn't that sound much better than:

"I would be an asset to your organization because I'm... um... articulate and, um, well-spoken, you know? And I consider myself a people person and my background would compliment your team..."

Seriously - what the shit is that?

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