Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For the record - I fell zero times* - thankyouverymuch

It's no secret that my job sucks like crazy - for some reason, the suckage level seems to rise on a pretty much daily basis - it's probably got a lot to do with the fact that the bossman hates firing people and having to pay unemployment**.

So, instead of throwing myself daily pity parties, I've been applying for pretty much any new job that comes open and I've managed to wrangle myself an interview for this Thursday - which is good, right?

Yes, except that I'm not great in interviews - I get all flustered and spazzy and babble excessively and can never ever think of good answers to those standard interview questions - so I was going through exployment websites today and reading tips for not being a total spaz and one website had an article equating job interviews with dating - and I've always thought that was true - job interviews are SO like dating, so I was excited to read the article... until I got to tip#5 - which was not to sleep with the interviewer... wait... huh? I haven't been on all that many interviews in my life, but... I don't recall this ever having been an issue. There was never a time when I thought "Man, I totally would have landed that great job if only I'd kept my panties on..." Is this even career advice that needs to be given out???

*I've probably cursed myself for next week when I'll fall about 45 times

** I'm no financial wizard, but if he'd just fired me when he started treating me like shit, I'd most likely be re-employed by now and he'd have himself a brand new, cheap receptionist, thus saving himself money

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