Monday, March 27, 2006

So, a couple of months ago, while under the voodoo spell of Target, I bought a couple of bras - one white, one pink leopard print, both the same style, very cute. They quickly became my favorite bras.

This morning, I put on the white one and was searching through my chonie drawer for... well, for chonies, of course and I spied a white satin strap. I tugged on the strap and pulled out a white bra that looked an awful lot like the one I had just put on. I checked the tag, it was the same size and manufacturer. I held it up to the bra I was wearing to compare - identical.

How had this happened? Had the Target mind control actually made me purchase two of the same thing? Had my love for this undergarment made it clone itself? Or was I experiencing the first recorded case of bra-ja-vu?

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