Monday, April 03, 2006

So - after my interview at the doctor's office thing on Saturday, I raced home, dug though several boxes in the junk room* to find a thank you card and an envelope, searched the internet for the correct address, suite number and company name, scribbled out a short note, dug through the junk drawer** to find a stamp and got it into the mailbox prior to our carrier coming by because I've heard that a follow up note (or the lack thereof) can make or break the interview process and, of the places I've interviewed lately, this place seemed the most like a company I could get behind.

So I went to all that trouble, on a Saturday, and you know what? It was a total waste. You know why? Because they called and offered me a job last night.***

*spare bedroom where everything goes

** spare drawer in the kitchen where small stuff goes

*** it's still pending background check and reference checks, so don't send me congratulatory bouquets of flowers just yet****

**** this doesn't mean that I'm not putting forth exactly 3/4 less effort at this current job than I did before

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