Friday, March 31, 2006

Blasphemy is just another service I offer

One of the laborer guys from my work - who is actually really cool unless he gets going on the religious tangent where he sounds like he's reading from a prepared speech - was chatting with me and mentioned that he and his wife were planning a trip to Orlando to see "The H0ly Lands"

Me: "Disney World?"

Him: (Almost falling on the floor laughing)

Me: "What?"

Him: "The H0ly Lands is a theme park recreation of Jerusalem in Jesus' time." (he says this like I'm a complete moron for not having heard of it before)

Me: "How is that a theme park? How do they commercialize that? Can you pay $5 and get your pictures taken carrying a cross? Can you buy a foam crown of thorns to wear home?"

Him: (stepping away from my desk, obviously to avoid the lightening strike.) "There's gospel music and plays and food..."

Me: "Jesus, party of twelve, your table is ready... Uh, waiter, my water hasn't turned to wine yet..."

Him: (trying not to laugh because he's sure he'll get struck by lightening, too) "Look it up."

I Google it and, sure enough, it's a theme park.

Me: "Look, it's educational AND inspirational - it's edutational!"

Him: "Cool! They're having a celebration of Easter that weekend!"

Me: "It says there will be recreations - do you think they'll show how the Easter Bunny rose from his burrow to hide eggs for good little boys and girls?"

Who wants to bet money that he's not going to be mentioning religion to me for a while?

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