Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's weird how I've only been sans job for less than a week and I've already fallen into that jobless frame of mind where one I can't possibly expect to accomplish more than one single thing in an entire day - like, if it's one in the afternoon and I still haven't showered, but I need to shower before I pick up the kid (at 3) and I also need to buy milk sometime, but I can't fathom being able to accomplish those two things in a mere two hours.

And yesterday, I completely outdid myself by dropping off the kid, going to the park to skate for an hour or so, going to the post office to mail a package, going to Target to give up an hour and more money than I care to admit and then dropping by the home of one of my roller pals for a visit. And then, I even managed to come home and shower prior to picking up the kid. Hence the lack of blogging, it would have been way too much for me, my head would have exploded or I would have needed a nap.

And today? I'm stopping by the alternate office of my new job to check it out - why? I don't know, in the conversation where I got the offer, I asked if I could check out the other office... what's that about? I already had the offer, why did I insist on asking for extra credit?

But other than that, nothing - I should probably go to the gym, or go to the park and skate, but I figure I've got practice tonight and, come on, how many more job-free weeks will I get? Not many!

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