Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So... am I the only person who does a complete Google search of everyone I meet?

Seriously - like full name, email addresses, screen names

am I the only one who does that?


in other news - I'm tired as crap, I was supposed to go to a roller chick's house tonight for cupcakes and accordion music, but allergies and this whole "full time job" thing are kicking my ass right now

and in other other news - I don't know about this job - it seems as though the doctors may be... demanding... I have no evidence, as I haven't seen them other than the interview 2 weeks ago (they've been out of town at a convention or something) but I'm picking up clues from the other people there and... well, I don't know if I have the energy or desire to be one of those super-efficient people who work for demanding bosses - I'm just not that perfect/organized person - I never look perfect, I never have perfect hair, I don't take perfect notes, I never have a clean desk... and I'm knocking myself, I've accepted the fact that I'm the human equivalent of an unmade bed, it's my thing, I don't care - but I don't know if working here will drain my soul in a different yet equally... draining way as my last job. How long before I can be a full time roller chick?

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