Thursday, April 20, 2006

so I've been feeling kind of displaced this week - as though starting a new job isn't bad enough, I've been shuttling back and forth between two different offices and working with everyone BUT the doctor with whom I'm supposed to be working. It's been difficult to say the least (and it's also my excuse for being completely absent from almost every relationship in my life). Today, though, I was scheduled to have at least an hour in the office with my doctor boss.

During that hour, he and the other doctor and I were talking about decorating the office and the other doctor was explaining how the walls would be painted the same green as the walls of the other office.

"Do we want to paint this back wall yellow?" other doctor asked.
"What kind of yellow?" I asked.
"The same yellow as the reception area in the other office."
"But that's not even really yellow," I point out. "It's more of a suggestion of yellow."
"Did you say it was a suggestive yellow?" asked doctor boss.

And right then, I was thinking that we might just be able to get along.

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  • Heh. Suggestive yellow. So many witty retorts would enter my mind that I would have to shove a twix bar in my mouth to stop me from getting slapped with a sexual harassment suit.

    Kick ass over there. Enjoy!


    By Blogger CP, at 12:39 AM  

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