Friday, April 21, 2006

so... the other doctor in the business is pretty much a walking Successory, he's all about the customer service aspect and all that stuff, but today he was giving a pep talk to everyone and he put the word "affinity" up on the dry erase board - he asked for a definition of it and one girl pipes up smartly:

"it means never-ending"

Other doctor looked disappointed as he told her gently "no, that's 'infinity'"

Then most of the other people in the room murmured that they thought that's what it meant, too.

Have I mentioned that Georgia public schools are somewhere around 48th out of 50 states?


In other news, my doctor boss seems to be a little more chill - we were on the phone today and he mentioned it was his last day at his current office and I inquired, naturally, if they were going to have a cake for him.

"Fuck no," he laughs.

Sign number two that we might get along okay.

Profanities bring us closer - it's a scientific fact. Fuckin' A*

*I've never understood that phrase

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