Wednesday, May 31, 2006

top 5 signs that I am an athlete

5) I own no less then five sports bras (you know, the really pretty ones that give you uniboob)

4) My equipment bag stinks - like sweat and whatever else exertion smells like

3) I was sort of bummed when derby practice got rained out halfway through - I felt like I hadn't gotten enough skating in, I had skate blue balls or something...

2) I was excited to get a gift certificate for protective gear for Mother's Day (I bought a new helmet and new knee pads and I can't wait until they get here)

1) I got traded (yep, we just split up into teams 3 weeks ago and today someone got sent to my team and then the other team got me in return - I'm SUCH the valuable commodity - I should incorporate myself and start trading myself on the NYSE)

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