Wednesday, May 24, 2006

nowhere to go but up?

here's how my day started out:

me: la lee la, I'm starting a new job today, I'm going to wear a cute new skirt and cute shoes, my hair is shiny, my makeup is adorable, I'm even going to wear earrings. I'm so cute. I'm so excited about my new job that I'm going to prance from the door of the house out to the car - la lee la

And then my ankle twisted and cute shoes stumbled on the rough concrete of the driveway and... I went down - hard - and there is a nearly-foot-long bloody scrape down the front of one leg and it's hot and bruise-y. Wow, way to completely lame-out on my first day!

In other news, reason #1 why this job is better than my last one? snacks. The ladyboss keeps an entire snack pantry stocked with every sweet and/or salty treat you could imagine - it's pms heaven.

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