Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Old Lady -

Just an FYI - a socially acceptable response to seeing the Cheshire Cat tattoo on my nekkid ankle is not to wrinkle up your old nose and say "Ooooh, look at that! You know, I never did get into those tattoo things, I just think they're... ew."

Because I have similar opinions about your old lady haircut, your high-waisted old lady jeans, your ugly ass birkenstocks or the fact that you carry a purse with a picture of a puppy on it, but I manage to keep them to myself, mmmkay?


The girl at the front desk with the fake smile, shitty attitude and more tattoos than you want to imagine


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  • Yes! Yes! I love your rawness here. I like your sense of humor. MMM, and those warming fake smiles!!! They get me every time. But really, I would have been thinking the same thing as you in that situation.

    By Anonymous Travis Jay Morgan, at 9:06 PM  

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