Monday, May 08, 2006

you know how sometimes you're alone in your bubble* so long that you just forget that the rest of the world exists?

Like when you're driving and driving and driving and you get distracted by the way your hair looks in the rearview mirror, or you rock the hell out to a N*SyncLincoln Park song with no regard to the fact that people can see through your car windows?

I've been alone for the better part of today and, finally tired of the compulsory lite rock that we play here, I broke out my iPod and have been rocking the tunes** on the laptop and, you know what, I challenge any of you to crank Social Distortion and NOT dance.

So, yeah, I'm sitting about 4 feet from the giant windows on the front of the office and I'm rocking out to all the songs I love down deep in my soul with every ounce of my being, with no regard to passersby - I've also been adjusting my thong-tha-thong-thong-thong, making sure that my bodacious tatas don't feel neglected (ie: grabbing my boobs), cleaning out my purse, picking my nose***, stick pencils into my afro, and wishing I had worn my phonytails. Seriously - how do I function in society?

* I don't mean that in the David Blaine sense - but since you brought it up, is that guy a total douche or what?

** and guess what, certain person who is always asking for the playlist, I'm not sayin' - so there

*** if you don't need the mental picture of my picking my nose, go ahead and erase that from your memory

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