Thursday, May 04, 2006

no doctor today

no patients today

just me - wearing the t-shirt in which I woke up (with the necessary addition of a bra) and wrinkled jeans, eating soynuts and a Kashi bar (which is the grossest combination of styrofoam and sugar imaginable) and wishing I had something less healthy on which to snack - like a tub of butter and a Dr. Pepper.

I've already worn out my fascination with the exercise equipment in the office (30 seconds on each machine counts as a workout, right?) and I don't know how closely they monitor interweb usage so I don't have pr0n to keep me busy.

I'm supposed to be waiting for the phone system installation guy to come and install a phone system but he was supposed to be here at 8 and it's 10:30 and he's nowhere to be seen.

I'm thirsty but I don't feel like replacing the 900 pound water bottle on the dispenser thing.

I brought my laptop but I can't get it hooked up to the network - firewall, perhaps? Hopefully I can locate that big box of inspiration I misplaced a month or so ago and get some writing done. But I'm really in a nostalgic kind of mood and just feel like calling old friends and chatting the day away.

I didn't brush my hair after my shower this morning and my t-shirt is covered in fur so I'm even more unkempt than usual. I'm going to tell people I'm the cleaning crew or tech support if anyone comes by.

Did I mention no pr0n?

Every day I get a stronger feeling that this place is rigged with hidden cameras and I'm being set up for some new lamewad reality show on ABC or something.

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