Sunday, May 14, 2006

We moved into this house in the first part of of July of last year. Our stuff arrived shortly thereafter and we immediately unpacked the important stuff like pots, pans and the Playstation 2.

Then we slowly started unpacking the second level importance stuff like work clothes and the rest of the cds (the ones who didn't make the cut for the road trip).

Then eventually (read: when we were expecting our first houseguests) we unpacked all of the other boxes that were in the way - stuff like the vinyl records, the rice steamer and the dvds.

And then everything (except the boxes in the junk room that we haven't unpacked in two or three moves) was in it's place.

Except for one box.

One large box that contains our real stereo (read: not the crappy little cd player that I keep in the kitchen).

This box has been in no less than three rooms in this house and it has served as a homework table, a cat bed and, lately, as an auxiliary coffee table.

I don't know why the box was never unpacked, but I don't really even notice it anymore - around Christmast time, I draped a festive tablecloth over it and put our little tree on top of it.

We purchased a new couch and chaise today and when you buy new stuff, you can't just set it into your same old living room, so there has been talk of actually unpacking and breaking down the box.

Isn't it weird how things (read: stuff and/or people) end up in your life and you Tetris them around to make them fit better into your universe and then they fit and they're just... there? And maybe it's a good thing and it sticks or maybe it's just a temporary thing and it's there until there's a reason for it not to be.


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