Saturday, June 03, 2006

hey, did anything fucked up happen to you this weekend?

Did it? Really? Because I bet I can beat it.

Last weekend or so, my husband the realtor and I went to check out a cute little house about a mile from ours that's for sale - unlike most of Savannah, it was kind of mod, 60s-ish and really had style - it had also been renovated and fixed up pretty nicely, and it had this completely groovy bright orange metal fireplace thing. And it's in a great neighborhood, and the neighborhood even has a community pool.

We decided that because it was in a great neighborhood and in great condition that it was a great investment - we put in an offer and decided to lease out our current house and move into that one. It was probably going to be the coolest house we've ever lived in.

Our offer was accepted, no haggling back and forth, no concessions, the owner of the house just accepted our offer.

We had the home inspection and the house came through with flying colors. We were set to close on the 23rd of this month and take our time to move (since we've got the vacation planned for the first week of July) and then find a decent renter for this house.

Cool, right?

Sure, until the other realtor called to tell us that the house caught on fire last night.

*insert the sound of a record scratch*

I know, right?

The house didn't burn to the ground, and there was actually more damage from the fire department trying to figure out the cause. We should find out within the next few days the extent of the damage and whether or not we will still want to buy it, but still! Double you tee eff?

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  • Ours is on the market & when people come to look at it, I light some candles. Yesterday I thought, "What if it were to catch fire?"


    Since it passed the inspection, do they know the cause yet?

    By Blogger Eden, at 9:04 AM  

  • WOW! Well at least it was before the actual sale of the house right??

    By Blogger Some Girl, at 7:28 PM  

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