Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scene - typical day after school

The Kid, frowning as he hands me a report on which he spent a significant amount of time: I only got an A minus.

me: told you to use a better font than Comic Sans...


Scene - this morning at the beach

The Kid, upon finding some tar* stuck on his foot: I'm going to die!

me: No... well, I mean, of course you are.

The Kid: WHAT?

me: Not today or anything, geez. I meant eventually. Chill out


how am I so terrified of spiders that I refuse to even step on them, yet, I will readily pick up a slightly waterlogged bee on the beach and carry it around until it's good to fly again?

* fortunately, I happened to find in my purse a packet of some product called Tar Off, which I had pilfered from... somewhere, and it proved to be terribly helpful.


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