Thursday, June 03, 2010

Guess who got a new little tattoo this morning?

Spoiler alert - it's me!

see, I never carry cash, usually use my debit card for everything I don't steal*, so when I happen to have cash, for whatever reason, I usually just stick it into a pocket in my purse and forget about it. The other day, I was cleaning out my purse and adding up the crumpled ones and a little stash of cash I got from my stepmom for Mother's Day and it seemed like I might have enough saved up for some new ink.

And there's this tattoo shop I always pass on the way home from the beach - it's just blocks from the ocean, so today, I stopped in and spent a little time with Rocco (a man whose parents were, apparently, opposed to him having any kind of white collar job) - we talked about music and California and tattoos and piercing and how good I am at sitting still** while be repeatedly dug little needles into the tender skin of my ribcage.

Impulsive much? Just a bit.

any tattoo shop with a Mr. T doll is okay by me

*I'm KIDDING, shut up

** totally adding THAT to my resume - maybe I could get a job as a first grader.

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