Tuesday, June 01, 2010

show me your teef...

As though the whole starting-the-week-as-the-dentist isn't bad enough, my dentist is a goofball, like your friend's dad who tells goofy jokes and tries to be "cool".

And he has country music pumped through the office.

And he sings along.

And he made me wear a pair of Oakleys while he was drilling my teeth.

And the initial numbing stuff tasted like too-sweet bubble gum.

And the filling stuff tasted like raw pumpkin.

And then there's that SMELL.

And half my face is still numb.

don't say I never let you see what's really inside of me (no, really, those are my teeth)

On the upside, though, not a whole lot of places for the week to go but up from here*, right?

*I fully intend to delete this when/if it turns into famous last words.

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  • OMG I cannot even tell you how much I hate/am terrified of the dentis.

    I also cannot even tell you how much I <3 your blog. I <3 it so much that even though it doesn't work in my google reader (::shakes fist::), I still come to the actual blog to read up. :-)

    By Blogger Amanda, at 11:06 AM  

  • Ugh. Dentist.

    The dentis doesn't actually scare me at all...

    By Blogger Amanda, at 11:06 AM  

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