Friday, July 02, 2010

my kid cracks me up

This morning, I had to RSVP on facebook* to an invitation** for a road trip.


bad parenting instant karma - helping The Kid dye his hair blue and ending up with enough indigo on my skin to be an extra in the pr0n remake of that over-hyped movie about those environmentally sensitive blue things with the dreadlocks.


*yes, my 11-year-old has a facebook - whatever, most of his friends do and I figure he'll have one eventually, so I might as well set him up with one now and have his password so I can keep an eye on him and the 11-year-old girls who write all over his wall.

** pretty sure this is the first thing on fb to which I've ever RSVP-ed... mostly because I pretty much hate the whole social networking thing, I could not care less about your virtual farm/pet/mob family and I'm only on those sites because otherwise I'd have to actively keep in touch with family and people with whom I went to high school.


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