Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear My Cat,

You're adorable, you're funny, you're chatty when I feel like talking to you, quiet when I don't feel like talking and you always know when I'm depressed (and you splay yourself across my feet in a decidedly non-pushy way).

I think you're the coolest animal on the planet - you're cooler than those skateboarding bulldogs, cooler than those parrots who speak three languages and cooler than those iguanas that people pose on little couches.

I don't mind that you wake me up nearly every night with purrs and cat kisses so I will lift up the duvet and you can curl up next to me. You're even the only life form on the planet with whom I will willingly cuddle.

I adore the heck out of you. I really do.  I have a (mod cartoon) tattoo homage to you on my arm.

I do have to draw the line, though, at sharing my water cup with you. If only because you spend an inordinate amount of your day licking your junk.

Please stick to that big water bowl in the kitchen, mmmkay?




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