Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I may officially qualify as a girly girl

It's Wednesday and I've already painted my toenails 3 times this week.

See, Sunday, they were pink - a color called Back to the Fuschia - it's been my go-to color for a while, bright, happy, whatever. But I decided that maybe I was ready for a change, so I ditched the pink and went for Ruby Amber.

I only did one coat of Ruby Amber* (I was probably distracted by a dime on the ground or something) and then I wandered around barefoot on the beach and effed up that nailpolish. Sure, I could have just slapped on another coat over that and would have been just fine until I decided to change the color, right?

No, that would have been way too easy.

I was kind of thinking I wanted something more red, but I still kind of liked the Ruby Amber. So yesterday I got rid of the Ruby Amber and put on a coat of Red Red** followed by a coat of Ruby Amber.

Today, I decided it was too red and I wanted to go back to Ruby Amber. Which I did. 2 coats.

Further evidence I'm totally girly? I just wrote a whole fucking post about my toenails and included the names of 3 different nailpolishes. Tune in tomorrow for a fascinating anecdote about the 6 different flavors of lip gloss in my purse***.

* which is not really either ruby or amber

** obviously named by someone who was Lazy Lazy

*** I sincerely hope not

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