Friday, June 04, 2010

okay, so I've maybe sort of kind of decided recently to maybe start trying to kind of look into taking my photography sort of seriously, right? And the other day, I joined some photography website and I posted some picture and got some feedback and some people added me as a contact, blah blah blah. I've gotten some messages from other members and I'm trying to be nice, whatever. Yesterday, I get a message from a guy who is totally destined to be my new best friend*

him: hey...u look pretty hot...u do any self shots?

because my hotness is clearly visible from the itty bitty thumbnail I posted in my profile.

me: Thanks, but I don't post my goodies online**

this should be the end of it, right?

him: show me urs and ill show u mine ;)

oh wow, really? Well, I wasn't going to until you ADDED A FUCKING WINKING EMOTICON. That makes you seem a whole lot less creepy.

me: tempting, but... no thanks

him: if ur scared just say ur scared lol

scared of the fact that your profile says you're 40-something, but you type like a seventh grade girl.

me: scared of what? d00d, it's the internet, if you need to see boobs that badly, google can hook you up.

* and by "new best friend" I mean "first person I've ever wanted to block online"

** especially not to guys who type in text speak.

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