Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dear Fast Food Research and Development Teams,

I'm not going to google it or so any kind of actual research (because I'm a very busy and important girl), but I'm pretty sure that the good old hamburger has been around for quite some time. Meat, ketchup, mustard, pickles, maybe some cheese and a bun - it's kind of a classic.

So could you just east up off of them?

Seriously, the burger's been doing fine by itself, it doesn't need thirteen different kinds of cheese (all at once), bacon, chipotle mayonnaise, onion straws, a slice of ham AND philly cheesesteak. It really doesn't. The burger is meat enough, it doesn't need the additional layers of flesh on top of it to keep it warm.

Maybe if you considered using something other than cheap kangaroo meat in the patties, you wouldn't have to disguise it.

Maybe you could think about trying to figure out some way to keep the soda machines from dispensing flat coke.

Just a suggestion!




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