Monday, June 05, 2006

When arson is a good thing

okay, not so good for the guy who owns the house, but fortunate for us - upon inspecting some of the fallen wood from the fire-damaged house, it appears to be riddled with termites - damage that wouldn't have otherwise been found because it was behind vinyl siding - so, apparently, we're not getting that house. Oh well. (and if anyone says anything about "everything happening for a reason" I'll personally fly to wherever you live and kick you in the shins, because that is the lamest phrase EVER. Seriously, don't say it, okay?)


And my pet peeves of the day:

  • sometimes I can't get stupid thoughts out of my stupid head
  • it's freaking Monday and I have to go to work
  • at work, I don't have access to gmail, myspace or blogger - what am I supposed to do, work? I'm forced to come home for lunch to check on the rest of my life (email me for my work email - please)

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