Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Vegas day 2

it's approximately 12,000 degrees here and we walked about 12,000 miles today, so I don't have much to say, so here are some pictures -

The Stripper Bar, complete with a 25 foot tall stripper in front, brought to you by the family-friendliest town ever - Las Vegas

stopped at Serendipity 3 for a fried oreo sunday

Then got a sandwich from the Carnegie Deli - yes, it is approximately the size of The Kid's head. And, yes, it was delicious. And, yes, we're eating SUPER healthy food.

3 short stories for today -

1) The Kid got hit on by some teenage skater boys today - they skated by him, checked him out, one told him that "blue hair rocks!" and another called him "a sexy little thing". I yelled to them that he was 11. He turns to me and reminded "I'm not gay, either." I replied "well, yeah, that, too."

3) We go into the Forum Shops at Caesar's and The Kid is wearing sunglasses the whole time. I look at him after a minute and say - "Sunglasses inside? Really? You're that guy now?" He doesn't even pause, just says "Duh, it's Vegas."

2) My first trip to Vegas was when I was 16 - my mom and stepdad took my sister and I, got us our own room at Circus Circus (they were staying there, too), handed us a couple rolls of quarters and sent us on our way. I played video games well into the night and made out with some 27-year-old guy. The Kid's trip has been a bit more supervised I'm happy to say.


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