Saturday, March 19, 2011

Most Ill-Equiped Grown Up EVER

The other day, The Kid asked if he could have a couple friends come over on Saturday.

The thought of people coming into my house strikes fear into my gut because

1) I hate am not a fan of having other people in my house
2) I have to clean

But I feel bad about The Kid being an only child and I try to encourage him to be a non-hermit, so I said it was fine.

Saturday arrives and I buy snacks and make cookies and pizza and the usual "mom" stuff - then it turns out that both the kids are going to spend the night.


They're nice kids and all get along and have tons in common with The Kid and I'm totally fine with kids being here, but we don't have a guest room or guest bed or futon or inflatable mattress or any of that stuff. So I tear through the linen cabinet and turn up 4 pillows (at least 3 of which have been dog chewed), an old feather comforter, 4 small blankets (like the size you keep on the couch to keep your feet warm), 2 child-sized sleeping bags and 1 normal-sized sleeping bag (which has been dog chewed).

I guess, for kids, it will be okay, one of them can sleep on The Kid's bed and the other two can make little blanket/sleeping bag nests on the floor, but if any of y'all plan to come to visit... I can recommend a nearby hotel, mmmkay? Because I'm a terrible hostess*.

*Not a terrible hostess? My stepmom - when my sister, brother and I went to Florida in January to see our stepmom, she had beds ready with fresh sheets, fresh piles of towels, fresh washcloths, extra toothbrushes, extra saline solution (and she doesn't even wear contacts) and anything else one could need - she was better equipped than a freaking hotel and this was about a week after her husband had died. It's like I'm still waiting to get the notification in the mail that I finally qualify as a grown-up.


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  • Oh my god. You just made a really good point (and added to my list of "why I am terrified to become a mother") XD

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:35 PM  

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