Tuesday, July 19, 2011

famous last words in parenting

The Kid: [Mormon Kid] texted me to ask if I could come to his house

Me: Do you have any practices* or anything else going on today?

The Kid: Nope. And if you can take me up there, they'll bring me home later

Me (thinking): holy crap, a whole day to myself to nap clean the house and contribute positively to society

Me: Is his mom home?

The Kid: I don't think so

Me: okay, it's not like you can get into any trouble at the compound**

~~~hours later~~~

The Kid (running in the house holding out his cell phone): Mom, check out this picture I took of the rattlesnake we killed! It was sitting on the basketball court and tried to bite us!

Me (trying not to think about what would have happened if they had been bitten, considering how long it would have taken for an ambulance to get out there): wow, that's a really great picture of a headless snake, make sure you put it on Facebook

* the kid's on 3 basketball teams right now, I can't possibly keep any of them straight

** seriously, it's a gated property comprised of a billion acres in the hills/mountains about 30 miles outside of town - part of it is farmland, but so much of it is just hills and rocks and streams. The Kid and the Mormon Kid can spend hours alternating between playing video games, playing basketball, riding quads and running around shooting trees and squirrels with airsoft guns. It's like Disneyland for boys.


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