Wednesday, July 13, 2011

him: Is this a new "Burn Notice"

me: no, it's the one from last week

him: I'm not sure if I saw it or not, which one is it?

me: it's the one where they do spy stuff

him: that's every episode of "Burn Notice"

me: exactly, even if you've never seen it before, you've seen it before, there will be cool spy gadgets, fake accents, the extremely hot Jeffrey Donovan who seems super-duper smart on the show, but I know from his Twitter that he's, disappointly, not as smart IRL, explosions and yogurt.

him: so you don't know which one it is?

me: it's the one from last week, the one where they do spy stuff.


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  • Ugh, isn't it terrible when really hot, smart guys on tv don't bleed into their actors? I'm like...really? You picked up none of super-hot character's witticisms? None?

    By Blogger Mugdha, at 9:26 AM  

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