Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sometimes things don't work out exactly like you think they will

Because I'm a big fan of food (both cooking and eating it), I watch a lot of Food Network - the other day, I saw someone cooking a pizza on a grill and figured that I might want to try it - I mean, I'm pretty ace in the kitchen, but I've never attempted outdoor cooking - how hard could it be, though, right? And I had all those gorgeous tomatoes from the neighbor's garden and a pizza with slices of tomato and big slabs of mozzarella sounds like a pretty spectacular dinner, am I right or am I right?

So I whip up a batch of my super easy pizza dough and cart it and some olive oil outside to the barbecue. I haphazardly brush some oil on the grill, stretch out the dough a little and toss it on. A couple of minutes later, I decide that I should turn the dough over so the other side gets all toasty and a little charred, then I was going to toss on the tomatoes and cheese and let it cook - easy enough...

or so I thought

apparently I should have turned the grill down and let it cook for a bit longer before trying to flip it (since it's not a pancake)

Still, there were some decent-sized pieces, so I figured I'd at least get some appetizers out of it.

and they were really good, in a rustic kind of way.

So pizza on the grill with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella? hell to the yes

me operating the grill? maybe not

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