Thursday, August 25, 2011

The More You Know

so I go to a movie today, middle of the day, and I end up in a theater full of... well, I don't want to say that these people were old, but it was mostly 90-year-old women and their grandmothers.

Cool, I think, at least no one will be texting during the movie.

Not cool, I found out, because everyone in there was talking during the whole movie and someone let his phone ring 5 times before finally answering it, because it's not like there are 75 million reminders to turn off your phone placed throughout the theater. Seriously, they were more obnoxious than a movie theater full of children.

I'm almost at the point where illegally downloading movies from the internet is sounding like a great idea just so I wouldn't have to deal with that 50% of the general public who doesn't understand movie-going etiquette*

*which I will helpfully sum up in 2 rules:

1) Turn off your fucking phone
2) Shut the fuck up while the movie is playing


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