Sunday, August 14, 2011

some pictures of stuff from last weekend

Qualcomm Stadium is ginormous but necessary for the opening ceremonies because it was something like the junior olympics and kind of a big deal.

This is the state flag of Mississippi. You stay classy, Mississippi

This was a group of girls who were maybe 10-ish-years-old, dressed like whores and performing to "Poker Face" (a performance that included copious ass-smacking and a bit of stage-humping - when they were done, I didn't know if we were supposed to clap or throw dollar bills) - they made me incredibly glad to not have a daughter.

 This was some band of siblings who were proficient on their instruments and adept at playing cover songs and got laughed at when they asked the crowd who was planning on going to see the 3-D Glee movie* (apparently one of the kids had some part on the show)

This was some Navy Seals sky-diving team, which was pretty much the best part of the whole thing.

*wrong crowd, dude - you have a stadium full of kids and families of kids who have competed  in sports to be the best to qualify to come to this thing, these people don't buy into the whole "you're a special snowflake because you're you!" crap that Glee sells. Also, why the hell does it have to be in 3-D?


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