Thursday, July 21, 2011

So the 6-year-old little sister of one of The Kid's teammates has decided to adopt me because children can sense the my kind heart and the child-like joy I have I have candy, lip balm and a nice camera in my purse.

During the last game, while the little girl is bemoaning the lack of good games on my iPod, her 2-year-old little brother comes over and starts begging to have his picture taken - of course I oblige because the child is gorgeous -

then he starts going through my purse, picking through my wallet, trying on all the bracelets and sampling all the lip balms*.

As he starts to put a furry cough drop in his mouth, then reach for my Swiss Army Knife, I make the clicking noise I make when one of my pets is misbehaving and tell him "Leave it!" and I realize 2 things:

1) My purse is not especially toddler-safe
2) I no longer** have any idea how to interact with children.


** I know that this implies that I did, at one time, have some idea of how to interact with children, but honestly, I can't say for sure

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