Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Snotty Community College Girl Who Comments on The Kid's Facebook Too Often For My Liking,

First of all - I know we didn't have Facebook when I was a kid, but 7th grade boys were not on my radar when I was in high school, let alone after that, so it's kind of weird that you have so many Facebook friends in junior high*.

Second of all - Even if you're trying to be helpful and mentor-y to The Kid, your comments are usually unnecessarily condescending and less-than-helpful.

Third of all - While you try to be all holier-than-thou to all these kids, like you're someone for them to look up to, it's kind of hard for anyone to take you seriously when your profile picture is you wearing a bikini top and booty shorts, dropping it low and looking more than a little bit wasted**.

How about you get your own shit together before trying to parent kids 6 or 7 years younger than you (all of whom already have parents, btw)? You want to help them out? Maybe you could try to set a good example instead of looking like you're auditioning for Girls Gone Wild, mmmkay?


the mom who, for some reason, never liked you to begin with

*not to mention if the genders were reversed, you'd be on a watch list somewhere

** as pointed out by one of The Kid's friends when you were lecturing The Kid on the importance of respecting all adults

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