Thursday, November 10, 2011

Okay, yeah, maybe I do rely on Google a bit too much

I love Google.

Love it with the passion of a thousand suns - I am a huge sucker of useless information and Google own that stuff - I mean, how cool is it to have all the information in the whole world just a couple of keystrokes away?

Wondering the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Bulgarian lev? Google will figure that out for you in a second (currently, 1 lev = 0.6943 USD)

Trying to figure out what the Assistant US Attorney on Sons of Anarchy has appeared on because you know you've seen him somewhere before? Just ask Google (he was George Clooney's estranged wife's fiance from "O Brother, Where Art Thou")

Need to figure out the name of that jelly-like material outside the nucleus of a cell, so you can help your kid with his homework? Google to the rescue! (cytoplasm)

I love Google so much that I get a little bit frustrated when I need it and it can't help me - like today, when I was standing in front of my DVD collection trying to figure out if we own a couple of DVDs and hating that I have to actually LOOK at the DVDs instead of just being able to google "do I own 'Elf' or 'Idiocracy'?" (I still don't know, I got through one whole shelf then kind of got distracted by something shiny gave up.)

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