Thursday, October 13, 2011

my day in photographs

Drive to San Luis Obispo for an appointment *cough* psychiatrist *cough*. Find myself at a stoplight staring at a this random Native American statue raising the roof in the middle of some industrial area.

See a flower-festooned No Parking sign, park my car in the parking lot and run over to take a picture.

Take the elevator up to the second floor and spot the following pillow on a couch in a lobby shared by 4 or 5 different businesses. (here's the thing - if decorative pillow theft is such a HUGE problem in this tiny little lobby that you have to write this on every single pillow, just GET RID OF THE FUCKING PILLOWS)

after the appointment, stop by the beach because it's on the way home and it's about 90 bajillion degrees this week

See a seal out in the water and get so excited that I actually squeal out loud "OMIGOD, seal!!!!"

come home, decide that the house isn't nearly hot enough and make a loaf of no-knead bread in my brand new Dutch oven. (I will forgive it for making the house even hotter because the bread is THE SHIT)

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