Monday, October 03, 2011

No, I most certainly did not spend most of my morning today driving around down in search of pork belly.

And I didn't spend slightly more than $30 (plus shipping) on one of those hideous naked rain oil hanging lamps from the 70s off of eBay yesterday.

Okay, maybe I actually did both of those things, but in my defense, the pork belly is going to be made into homemade bacon, which... who even knew you could make homemade bacon? And as soon as the curing salt I ordered off of eBay gets here, I'm going to haul that Flintstone-sized hunk of pig out of the freezer, coat it in some other spices and make the hell out of some bacon*.

I have no excuse for the lamp, though. Nor do I have any place in the house to put it.

*And that had better be some good bacon because I had to take my life in my own hands by venturing all the way across town** to the Hispanic grocery store which is decorated like Tijuana and where they look at me like I'm from another planet every time I go in there because I'm the only person not buying cow stomach and cactus leaves. Although this was the only grocery store butcher that didn't look at me like I'd just ordered marinated kitten when I asked for pork belly.

** this is, of course, relative "all the way across town" here is about a 10 minute, 5 or 10 mile drive. In a major city, that would have taken me an hour.

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